New X30 Components Not Eligible For AKC Round 1

Remo Racing has posted a reminder on social media regarding the use of new X30 components at the opening round of the Australian Kart Championship next month.

Remo has fielded several enquiries about article 3.9 in the Supplementary Regulations for the event.

Article 3.9 states:  Owing to delays in shipping from Italy, none of the alternate X30 components that are the subject of “Homologation and Technical Specification Update Bulletin 78H-4” dated 30 November 2017 will be permitted for use at Round One of the Australian Kart Championship.

“As you are aware the IAME X30 engine has received an update in components for 2018” Remo posted on Facebook.


“Unfortunately there has been a delay from the shipping company and our order will not arrive in Australia until approximately the second week of February. Once arriving, the components will then have to be cleared from customs which leaves very little time between their arrival and the opening round in Monarto.

“As a result, none of the new X30 components are permitted for use at the opening round in either the stand-alone X30 or TaG 125 Classes.

“This will allow plenty of time for distribution and provide all competitors an equal opportunity to upgrade if they desire prior to Round Two of the Australian Kart Championship.”

  • X30 Technical Specification Update can be viewed HERE
  • A “Q&A” on the upgrades has been published HERE