KA’s Junior Decision: Good or Bad?

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For 2023 and beyond, Karting Australia intends for there to be just one specification junior class for the IAME KA100 engine.

It appears KA is wanting to get rid of KA4 (though there are allowances for it to run via state regulations for the time being) and only have KA3, but with a 22mm exhaust restrictor to pull the power back a little from the current spec KA3.

The higher performance KA2 and lower performance 4SS categories will remain.


So, do you think this is a move forward for Australian karting? Yes or No? The “Other” option is to allow those who think they have a better alternative to express that idea.

We’ll happily publish suggestions (or criticism if it’s backed up with sound reasoning) once the poll closes.

  • For Karting Australia’s statement on the matter, see yesterday’s post HERE.