Contribute News

Contributing writers and photographers are always welcome at KartSportNews.

Further, we encourage clubs, teams, drivers and industry to submit news, reports, articles, photographs and press releases for potential publication. Simply email the details!

Guidelines For Submission:

  • Text – typed into the body of an email, or a Word document, is fine. Please do not play with layout or formatting – plain text is best! There is no maximum word limit, but concise factual reports read better than long-winded ones. Tell us who the author is so correct attribution is made.
  • Photos – send as standard file attachments (or zip folder) to an email, or send us the link to download (eg, Dropbox, Google Drive). Please provide some detail for a caption and tell us who the photographer is for appropriate credit.
  • Results – Top 3 or top 5 in each class, in a simple unformatted list is best.
  • Time – we need all this info within a day or so of the event. Being an up-to-date news website, submissions more than a week old are unlikely to be published.
  • PDFs – if supplying news and/or photos in a PDF, please ensure it is not password protected.
  • Also – supply a contact phone number in case we need to quickly verify any details.

A note about Facebook: If you (or your club, team etc) post news on Facebook, do not assume we will share it with the KartSportNews audience. Firstly, Facebook does not push your posts out to everyone, so it’s possible we’d never get it in the first place. Secondly, with all the rubbish that floats through on a Facebook feed, it’s too easy to miss anyway!

Please, please, send your stuff to us via email.

note: there is no .au (dot AU) in the email address!

Email is our preferred method of communication (phone is 0411 556 450 b/h, but often not able to answer calls – please leave a message)

Further contact details are on the Contact page.