Advanced Driving Course for Juniors

ATTENTION KARTERS – there will be a Junior Driver Advanced Driving and Advanced Vehicle Dynamics course at Sandown Raceway during the Term 2-3 Victorian school holidays, on Tuesday July 2nd.

“It’s ideally suited to kids who are already racing karts and looking to make the transition to cars” Driver Dynamics’ Kevin Flynn informed KartSportNews.

The course includes practical on-track exercises at Sandown

“This is a great way for young drivers and parents to understand advanced car control in a safe and non threatening environment.”

Conducted by Master Instructor Kevin Flynn, the course covers Advanced Vehicle Dynamics theory and practical, with a massive amount of driving across the day.

Some of the areas covered in the program include:

  • Correct braking techniques for ABS and non-ABS cars
  • Using ABS as a stability device
  • Making combinations of braking and turning
  • Understanding Kamm Circles
  • Understanding roll steer, slip angles, peek-to-slip ratios, tyre manipulation
  • An in depth application of the physical skills – seating, vision, steering, pedal usage
  • Practical understeer / oversteer exercises
  • Emergency corner braking, double lane change, multiple direction changes
  • Plus much more
Many junior karters have already benefitted from taking the Driver Dynamics course

Driver Dynamics supplies front and rear drive cars in both auto and manual configuration.


“This is not a training day on transmission usage. It does not matter if the student can’t drive manual” Flynn added.

It is a big day – the program runs from 7.00am until 4.00pm, and parents are active participants in the course.

Potential attendees should note there is a limit on numbers. There are only nine spots available for this course.

Enquiries and bookings should be sent to Kevin Flynn – Email