Advanced Junior Driver Course

Driver Dynamics will be running an Advanced Driving and Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Course for Junior drivers at Sandown Raceway on Sunday, January 7.

Suitable for drivers aged 12 to 16, there are only 10 positions available. No previous car driving experience is necessary.

“Conducted by our Master Instructor Kevin Flynn, this course covers Advanced Vehicle Dynamics theory and practical, with a massive amount of driving in one day” the organisation informed KartSportNews.

“It is a great way for young drivers and parents to understand advanced car control in a safe and non-threatening environment.”


Some areas covered in the program include:

  • Correct braking techniques for ABS and non-ABS cars
  • Using ABS as a stability device
  • Making combinations of braking and turning
  • Understanding Kamm Circles
  • Understanding Roll Steer, Slip Angles, Peek to Slip Ratio, Tyre manipulation
  • An in depth application of the physical skills – seating, vision, steering, pedal usage
  • Practical understeer / oversteer exercises
  • Emergency corner braking, double lane change, multiple direction changes
  • Plus much more…

Driver Dynamics will supply front and rear drive cars for this program. The day runs from 7.00am to 5.00pm and costs $450 per participant.

Contact Driver Dynamics on 1300 652 693 or email to secure your position.