DPE’s 50th Anniversary Jewel!

DPE will manufacture a Limited Edition run of a very special 50th Anniversary Arrow X6.2. Only 50 karts will be built, each identified by a numbered plate built into the chassis and issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Visually, the kart is spectacular. ‘Anniversary Gold’ for the chassis with black components plus Special Edition Black & Gold Holographic Chrome Sticker Kit featuring DPE 50th Anniversary graphics and the signatures of Drew and Bart Price.

DPE has stated the kart’s special decoration will never be re-produced, though owners will have an option to acquire additional stickers at the time of purchase.

The karts are currently in production with delivery expected from mid December into early 2024. Demand is expected to be high and potential customers are required to confirm reservation (and preferred choice of chassis number) via the DPE website HERE.

This. Looks. Mint.

from DPE

In 1973 Drew Price founded DPE to share his karting knowledge and offer the best karting products and services to others. His passion led to the creation of Arrow Karts, which have become the most successful Australian built kart ever, claiming well over 100 Australian Championships, victory in the Rotax World Finals, countless State Titles and many other international victories. Drew’s passion and commitment to karting led to him being inducted into the Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame.

In the hands of Drew’s son Bart, that same passion is still alive in DPE Kart Superstore today. DPE has now been designing, manufacturing and importing the best karts and karting products for 50 years.

To celebrate this milestone, DPE have created a very special kart – the Arrow X6.2 50th Anniversary Edition. With a unique look and features it is strictly limited to 50 units.


Each kart is identified by its own unique identification number, from 01-50, allowing you to select your preferred number subject to availability.

Utilising all the usual race winning X6.2 Senior features, it also has some some very special extras.

Whether you want to race this kart, or keep it as a collectible, get in quick to secure your Arrow X6.2 50th Anniversary Edition now. There are only 50 and they are sure to race out fast.

For more on the kart, pricing, specs etc, visit the DPE website HERE.

Each chassis will have its unique number lazer cut into the fuel tank mounting plate