Karts to Cars at Driver Dynamics

Driver Dynamics Up To Speed – Where Race Drivers Go Before They Hit The Track

Bridging the gap between karting and car racing can be extremely challenging, which is why Driver Dynamics has developed a unique driving program to accelerate the learning of young drivers and their parents, helping them successfully transition from karts to cars. This program is also suitable for drivers who are new to circuit competition.

While basic skills transfer from karting to cars, even the best karting drivers can struggle when transitioning as they deal with factors such as greater weight transfer, four-wheel braking, gear selection, and significantly faster speeds.

Ten year old James Flynn at Ebisu Circuit Japan in the Ebisu Drift Series Competition

Developed by Driver Dynamics master instructor, Kevin Flynn, who has more than 34 years of full time professional advanced / high performance / tactical / and counter terrorist driver training, the program helps drivers understand advanced vehicle dynamics, track driving skills, high-end car control skills, and critical limit training.

“We have taken the most relative components from our Advanced Driving Course, our Tactical Driving Course, our High-Performance Driving Course, and our iSET Counter Terrorist Driving Course, and put them together in a program suitable to karters, juniors, and new-to-circuit-racing drivers making the transition to cars,” said Kevin.


The program consists of four stages:

  • Stage 1: Vehicle Dynamics And Car Control
  • Stage 2: Skidpan Training
  • Stage 3: Driver Dynamics Sandown Trackday
  • Stage 4: Advanced Skid Control Including Drift Training And Drift Competition.

Stages 1 and 3 are conducted at Driver Dynamics’ home base of Sandown Raceway. Stage 2 is conducted at Winton.

Stage 4 is a six-day program conducted at Ebisu Circuit Japan.

To learn more visit  https://driverdynamics.com/up-to-speed/