FIA Target Rental Karting

The FIA has formalised what it is calling a “new karting platform” that allows National Sporting Associations around the world to access low-cost karting by partnering with local rental tracks.

The FIA wants to double motor sport participation by widening the grassroots level. By tapping into the success and popularity of the arrive-and-drive leisure karting market, that target is certainly achievable.

But the reality is the FIA is just making a grab for a slice of karting that it currently has no involvement or control over.

No doubt the initiative will be good for the sport and increase the numbers that flow from rental karting into serious kart racing. The “participation numbers” will look great!

But it does not address the real issue – the complexity and cost of modern competition sprint karting.

Scroll down for the FIA press release on the matter.

A presentation with case studies document can be downloaded by clicking/tapping HERE (27 pages, PDF format).

There are millions of rental karters in the fat base of this pyramid! They don’t currently fall under the umbrella of the FIA or its ASNs.

The global motorsports governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has announced the launch of a new karting platform, designed to widen grassroots participation in motor sport.


Arrive & Drive will tap into the popularity of the leisure karting market, facilitating competitions at local tracks using rental equipment. National Sporting Associations (ASNs) who take part in the programme will collaborate with tracks or rental providers to organise these competitions, ensure competitor safety, and promote pathways to other national or international Championships. The FIA has provided a detailed toolkit to facilitate these efforts.

With over 3000 rental karting tracks around the globe, leisure karting is an untapped resource for the competitive motor sport market. Affordable, accessible, and local, leisure karting appeals to people from all backgrounds – opening up new opportunities for talent discovery, youth engagement, and revenue generation.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem said:“In order to grow participation, we must expand the base of the karting pyramid to allow as many people as possible to experience karting for the very first time. We are very clear. Karting will become the focus on our future strategy on Equality and Diversity with the FIA Karting department at the heart of our growth plans.”

The programme is part of the FIA’s wider efforts to double motor sport participation at every level and across all global markets. Other initiatives include the ‘motorsport in a box’ programme, and Esports competitions with a pathway to motor sport. 

CIK-FIA President Akbar Ebrahim added“Through this accessible programme managed by our ASNs  in collaboration with rental karting track owners, we will create a virtuous spiral from the recreational market – the foundation of karting – to the racing community sanctioned by an official FIA title.

“The FIA, as the governing body of motor sport, is putting the infrastructure in place to shape this concept. Going forward, we will rely on the support of our global network of 147 ASNs to bring it to life.”

ASNs can get involved in the initiative using the Arrive & Drive toolkit. They can also apply for funding via the FIA Sports Grants, or sign up for the FIA’s training and instruction on regulatory, sporting and promotional matters.

FIA Accessible & Inclusive Karting Worldwide toolkit, click HERE.