Control Fuel for 2025!

The days of buying petrol from a local service station on the way to the kart track are numbered.

For 2025, a standardized control fuel will be used across the nation in all classes, from club days to AKC.

The reasoning for the change is twofold – to reduce the opportunity of cheating plus provide a consistent quality and grade of fuel nation-wide.

The new fuel will meet the current regulations and is said to be “not significantly different to existing commercially available Premium Un-Leaded Petrols”.

It is expected that samples of the fuel will be available by July, allowing competitors – and particularly engine tuners – to test and make any adjustments prior to the 2025 race season. Its use will be permitted in competition from October 1st and will be the only fuel allowable from 1/1/25.

What is an even bigger surprise, is the product will not be available at service stations or sold by kart shops. Instead, it will be sold by the kart clubs themselves at the race track.


”We want to provide the clubs with an additional revenue stream” KartSportNews was told.

“The income derived from this is directly proportional to how many entries the club can attract to its race meetings, and how many races they conduct.”

At the time of writing, it was unclear how the logistics of this would work.

There are some rather important issues to be addressed around the storage and distribution of combustible fluids at the track and means every kart club in the country will have to become compliant with the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004. There is also significant infrastructure the clubs will need to install.

  • EDIT: To borrow a line from the V8Sleuth, this news comes on April 1st, a noted day for mischievous motorsport news to appear online that is in the spirit of April Fool’s Day.

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