Fuel Fools

Australian karting will NOT switch to a control fuel, sold and distributed by the kart clubs, in 2025.

Yesterday’s news post (read it HERE) was an April Fools’ joke that tricked many and got up the nose of a few – which is exactly what it’s about!

To borrow a line from the V8Sleuth, April 1st is a noted day for mischievous motorsport news to appear online that is in the spirit of April Fools’ Day…

Apologies to those who had their posts deleted for calling out April 1st on social media. Perhaps it was not the right thing for us to do, but it certainly added to the spice for a couple of hours!

Of interest was the result from a Reader Poll that was briefly included in the post.


While the total response was very low (the poll was only open for a few hours, and most people probably realised the story was fabricated), almost 25% of responses think such a move would be good for the sport. 69% said No.

Poll result: