New Operator Wants Karts

A new operator has been appointed for the troubled Eastern Creek Speedway, and the boss wants dirt kart clubs to make contact to ensure maximum use of the venue.

Long-term karting identity Troy Boldy announced today he has signed up (via Sydney International Speedway Pty Ltd) to run the operations side of the venue. On-track action is planned for early 2024.

Some background about the speedway and its issues are on speedcafe HERE.

Boldy’s social media post is below.

Merry Xmas to all Race Fans.

We have exciting News to share with you.

We have just signed up to take on the responsibility as the Speedway Operators for Eastern Creek Speedway.

The NSW Government have made their announcement on Friday confirming that Western Sydney International Dragway have found a new Speedway Operator.

It’s my pleasure to be in this position to be building a team of passionate current and past Racers who just love Speedway and Motorsport in general and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

As a Fan of Speedway since I was a kid jumping the fences between Granville Kart Track and Granville Speedway well before the M4 was even built I was hooked, and I was only 4yrs old.

Motorsport has always been in the blood. I loved Liverpool Speedway and raced my pushbike there as a 7yr old and recall one time that I was leading 90% of the race until a Big Kid Beat me – many yrs later I found out that kid was Brooke Tatnell.

As one of my team members said today – THIS IS THE BEST XMAS PRESENT EVER

There have been lots of sleepless nights trying to get this project over the line so a huge thanks to my team of workers and staff and supporters all who have put up there efforts to help.

We sure are going to need lots of support and volunteers from both the racing community and the general public to make this a raving success.

A lot of factors had to fall into place, meetings had to be attended, and I think it was our passion for the sport that won out plus the commitment to make it work and work with the Speedway community.

This is a big challenge and many will attest to that, and the landscape has changed in recent years so we will all need to pull up our socks and get into doing what needs doing to make this all work.

I hope you are all with me and support Sydney International Speedway in the future in whatever capacity you can will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been reading all your posts, talking to lots of people to find out what people want and there’s a lot but the best way to eat a large Tomahawk steak is by taking one bite at a time – so with that said we will work one bite at a time to make Sydney International Speedway the Best International Speedway Track in Australia.

The Government has committed to work with us to make sure the venue is a success and to get racers and spectators back at track enjoying the sport us fans love.

I’ve been a sprint car owner but never driven one. These drivers in a Sprintcar show no fear racing at those speeds close to concrete walls – I’m just in awe. My staff swear they’ll get me in one and that might just happen now on a quite Monday afternoon with the throttle on idle.

Anyway, the work begins now. Plenty to do. At our inspection some weeks back the scale of this venue will need a concerted effort to get it ready to showcase events in early 2024.


There are a lot of opportunities at this venue with race garages to fill up for example and some detailed planning to get the best use of the venue. I want to make it like a gasoline alley, with suppliers and teams together. It just makes perfect sense to me.

Sydney International Speedway needs to create its own vibe, a place people just like to hang out at.

We need to lift the racing experience plus it needs to become spectacular on and off the track.

We need to make it an entertainment venue we all want to go to every week and make it affordable for all.

Access for the fans to see the teams up close and communicate with the drivers and teams.

All us fans were kids once and we all have those magic moments and I remember as a kid a driver picked me up and put me in the seat of his race car – THAT WAS GOLD. I never moved from the driver’s seat for 2 hours so I could steer it onto the trailer and I still have that pic today.

We need to create similar experiences for young kids of today.

I’m excited to be on this new venture, I look forward to sharing it with you all, and invite people who are keen to help wherever they can.

Some prominent people from the speedway community met up with Govt representatives a couple of weeks ago and with Speedway Australia, ARDC and the Dragway to share their concern and wishes and these Speedway people did say they would support and do whatever they can to help the Speedway get back up and running, so I look forward to working with these people too.

I invite every division of Speedway including Bikes and Dirt Karts to make contact with us at this email address so we can be in contact with all Speedway groups and get the maximum use out of the Speedway Track.

The track is there for all speedway racers to enjoy.

The demolition derby is a must and who doesn’t like a demolition derby as a speedway fan. An annual demolition derby at end of season would be cool, and I’d like to know who’s keen to be a part of that.

We need to find sponsors, get the crash crew back, someone who can sponsor new safety crash crew overalls, these guys deserve to have the best safety gear we can get them.

I’ve already got one of my team members hunting down a fleet of 6 push cars, preferably Utes they just look good, 4wd’s might be the go but Utes would be just too cool for the Push Car association.

We will get these cars all wrapped looking smart and racy and get sponsors who are welcome to put their company names on the cars. These cars need to look hot. If anyone wants to volunteer and put their hand up to wrap these push cars please let us know.

The medical room will need a team who can add value there. We have to look after our drivers especially when they need it the most.

Did I say there is so much to do.

Our aim is for a number of practice nights and days in January for a re-opening meeting in early 2024.

We are making changes to the track too – we want to turn it into an oval more than a circle – the Racers can come test at the practice days (every Wednesday and Saturday until we confirm the start date) and we can work on this until we have happy drivers.

So much to do so let’s get to it.

If you want to put your hand up and support feel free to message me here. I started writing this at 4.16am in the morning and then the day gets busy and the phone rings so please be patient.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Merry Xmas to everyone – and look forward to seeing you at a practice day/night or the Grand Re-Opening in early 2024.


Troy Boldy
Sydney International Speedway