New Rotax Cylinder

BRP-Rotax has announced a “revised” cylinder for the FR125 family of Rotax MAX engine.

The company claims the new version will not produce a better lap time and the focus is on parity, not performance.

The revision comes due to change of manufacturer.

“The global turbulences and the constantly growing market demand have challenged the supply chain of BRP-Rotax” a statement read.

“The decision has been taken to transfer the cylinder manufacturing to Austria and consequently to renew the casting and manufacturing tools of all cylinders of the Rotax MAX engine family.”

At this stage there is no indication of when, or if, the cylinder will be approved for racing in Australia.


Rotax provided the following Q&A:

Q: Will the revised cylinder enable a better lap time compared to my current cylinder?
A: No, the focus is to maximize parity but not performance.

Q: Can I replace my current cylinder 1:1 with a revised cylinder?
A: Yes

Q: Is the revised cylinder more expensive than my current cylinder?
A: No, the retail price of the revised cylinder has not increased.

Q: What are the technical details and other product features?
A: Please have a look at our Tech Tips on our website for more detailed information – link: