Poll Result – Tyre Contracts

Last week we asked readers how long they thought tyre supply contracts should last.

The most popular response was 3 years with over 40% of the vote. Over 6% reckoned there should be no contracts!

There were some interesting comments posted on Facebook. A few are paraphrased below:

  • If a karting association is taking royalties, they should control the distribution and contract, but it be vetted by independent bodies for each period. Otherwise, let someone be the distributor and drop the royalty. Shouldn’t have both.
  • Two years is enough. If they are doing a good job, give them an extension. If the product is not what it was meant to be, move on.
  • Tyre contracts should be held by the actual manufacturers
  • Tyres are the number one consumable that governs the growth of the sport. They should be controlled by the karting association and all airfreighted (not sea shipped) with zero profits.

Anyway, here’s the result!