Changes on KNSW Board

Karting NSW has confirmed a change to its Board, Matt Hill re-joining and taking the Director of Member Education & Training role due to the departure of Darren Chick.

“After a dedicated four-year tenure, Darren Chick has made the decision to retire from his role as a Board member” KNSW posted.

“He intends to prioritise spending quality time with his family, which has led to this thoughtful decision. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Darren for his contributions, both as the Director of Group and Karting Operations Welfare Northern Zone and, more recently, as the Director of Member Education and Training. We appreciate his unwavering commitment to our organisation.

While he is stepping down from the Board, Chick will remain involved in the karting community with four family members racing.

Replacing Chick will be Matt Hill, rejoining the Board after taking a break.

“In 2021, Matt served as the Director of Group Welfare and Karting Operations for the Southern Area, including Speedway and Endurance” KNSW continued.


“Unfortunately, due to an injury, he had to temporarily step away to focus on his recovery. However, we are thrilled to announce that Matt is now feeling much better and eager to contribute once again.

“Matt is renowned for his expertise in endurance karting and brings a wealth of karting experience to the table. He has played a significant role in The Endurance Karting Association (TEKA), actively contributing to the growth and success of the club. We are excited to have him back on board.

“Taking over from Darren, Matt will assume the role of Director of Member Education and Training. He has a range of exciting ideas in mind, particularly focusing on enhancing the training programs and fostering the development and rewarding of officials.”