Ferodo Brakes Now at IKD

International Karting Distributors has added Ferodo do its impressive list of brand-name products.

IKD has in stock Ferodo ‘Kart Attack’ brake pads to suit multiple chassis brands such as CRG, OTK, Praga and Birel ART.

“In the world of motorsports, Ferodo has achieved many outstanding successes” IKD posted.

“Through Formula 1, Endurance Racing, Rallying, Saloons and other circuits, Ferodo products have been the choice of champions!

“Ferodo is a premium braking brand and has a proud history in technical innovation and product development since 1897!”


For more information, check out the IKD website (link below) or contact your local dealer!

Web: https://www.internationalkarting.com.au/…/ferodo-brake…
Ph: (02) 47351344
email: sales@internationalkarting.com