Open Performance Titles This Weekend

by Russell Innes, IKC

Almost 270 entries have been received for Round 4 of the 2023 Ipswich Kart Club Championships on Saturday the 29th of April, which will be the Queensland Open Performance Titles with Queensland Open Performance Light and Queensland Open Performance Heavy being the feature classes.

In Qld Open Performance Light, Billy Myers, Bailey Sagaidak, Tristian Griffin and Jac Preston will be favourites to get on the podium, whilst the large field in Qld Open Performance Heavy will be led by Finlay Derry, Tristian Ellery, Scott Cleveland and Dan Hutchinson.

KA3 Senior will be missing a few of the normal frontrunners as they will not have got equipment back in time from last weekends AKC Round in Perth, but the small field will be led by Keegan Fraser, Joel Jamieson and Ryan Uhlmann.

In KA3 Junior Light, there will be plenty of talent at the front from the likes of Luke Rinaldi, Ryan MacMillan, Max Walton, Dominic Penman, Isaac McNeill, Jye Flynn, Sebastian Bennet, Brodie Norris, Maddie Feather, Zack Hilder and Baxter Jarrett.

KA3 Junior Heavy is now starting to build some good numbers and becoming very competitive and provided some of the best racing at the last club round, so Cody Scott, Lucas Lesmes, James Cittolin, Ari Wedlock and James Raaymakers will again put on a great show.

Jaxon Duong, Troy Bowden and Sebastian Simonelli will have a very close battle in the small 4SS Junior field.


Brock Nolan and Carter Grother fresh from podium placings at AKC in Perth, will be amongst the favourites in Cadet 9, but locals Jeremy Broadbent, Jack Musico and Riccardo Johnston will provide some strong competition.

Cadet 12 is massive at IKC and Xavier Raso, Jack Jensen, Andrew Thomson, Declan Hicks, Blake Haigh, Maxim Kirwan, Zander Watts, Lana Flack, Roman Krutil, Riley Curtis, Basilo Micale, Corey Carson, Cooper Folley, Alester Flack and Gabriel Elkayam are all in with a podium chance.

The Cadet P Class continues to attract big fields and Maxwell Southgate, last round winner Jayde Wasley, Jensen Berridge, Archer Bailey and Oliver Tresillian will contest for the Cadet 12P win. Dariun Arius, Luke Robinson, Oskar Kozac and Fredrick Wuoti will be amongst the frontrunners in Cadet 9P.

4SS Senior Light will be hotly contested amongst Maxwell Reibelt, Darcy Briggs, Casey LeGarde and Jordan Briggs.

TAG Restricted Light has a big 23 kart field and there are multiple contenders for the podium from Jacinta Hoey, Jack Munro, Nathaniel Harrison, Jessica Golding, Ethan Blackband, Lilly Stevens, Emily Calwell, Josh Frew, Robert Mortensen, Riley Van Den Broek and Jake Czislowski. TAG Restricted Medium also has a strong 23 kart field and , Rudy Farkas, Alan Czislowski, Matthew Jones, Noel Smyth and Bradley McNaught will be the likely frontrunners. TAG Restricted Masters again has a large and quality list of entries, including Evan Broughton, Noel Smyth, Kevin Johnston, Gavin Soward, Phil Smith and Lee Robinson fighting for the win.

TAG Heavy has provided some great racing so far at IKC in 2023 and the likes of Brendan Nelson, Brock Plumb, Tim Farrell, Christopher Williams, Josh Goddard, Gav Whitmore and Jared Neinert will be hard to beat. In TAG Light, Jack Wells, Brent Reading, Jett Adamson, Maximus Chudasko, William Gallagher and Thomas Gallagher will be amongst the early favourites.