Tech: Operating The Mini ROK Without Fuel Return

With the recent KA re-homologation of the Vortex Mini ROK engine stipulating the carburettor cannot have a fuel return line fitted (as per the international Mini ROK regulations), some parents will need to make some adjustments to their Cadet driver’s engine.

Australian importer Patrizicorse has issued a communication to customers covering correct setup and operation of the engine to ensure it runs efficiently without a fuel return line.

“Maintenance of your carburettor, in this case the Dellorto 18BS used on your Vortex Mini Rok, is the most important aspect to the correct operation of your Mini Rok engine being used without a fuel return line” Patrizicorse published.

The organisation has referred to Derek Jones’ Power Republic video explaining step by step how to service the Dellorto for Mini Rok, below.

“We would recommend this procedure be completed prior to every race meeting you attend to guarantee your carburettor is operating at peak performance. 


“With full compliance of the homologation documents coming into effect on Monday the 17th April this tech tip will help you be ahead of the game.”

Correct installation and maintenance of your floats is essential. Uneven or damaged floats will cause your carburettor to not function correctly

More information about the re-homologation, rule changes and link to the KA homologation document was published last week HERE.