Interview: Benjamin Jagger

The Queensland Superkart Club has produced this driver interview with Ben Jagger who will be competing with a 450 Honda powered kart against the traditional 2-strokes in 2023.

Q – What do you enjoy about Superkarts?

A – I’m a big fan of all types of karts, their simplistic design and focus on the essentials. They only have the parts needed to drive, stop and turn. What sets Superkarts apart is the opportunity develop and create. From exhaust systems and motor choices to tinkering with the aerodynamics, there’s a real sense of freedom and creativity that comes with working on them.

Then there is the event aspect. I’ve only had the chance to run at Wakefeild and SMSP in a kart. The race meetings have a much bigger feel to them. Then there is also the speed and performance vs dollars spent, many categories claim to have great bang for buck, I’m not sure what they base that on.

Q – What is your previous racing background?

A – I first started kart as a junior back in Sydney in the late 90s. My Brother, father and I then ran an old Corolla in club car events (motorkhanas, supersprints etc) before they eventually went and raced Improved Production. I had a bit of a break until I started working and could afford to race locally in sprint kart for a few years. I then joined the NSW Superkart Club in 2013 and raced mainly NGB Light with some success, winning the NSW CAMS title outright in 2014. I didn’t run as much in 2015 and 2016 as I attempted to get into 125 Gearbox, then briefly Stock Honda.


In 2017 I started racing Legend cars and was able to compete in the first AMRS series in 2018 which was fantastic, traveling from Mallala up to Morgan park and all in between. I finished 3rd which was really satisfying, as a couple of those competitors behind went on to race Super 2, 86s and Aussie cars and were quite competitive in those series. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sustain the cost of it to continue. Then I ran endurance karts with a good mate before picking up a very long term Superkart project that only very recently runs, which is why I’m here.

Q – What are your goals for 2023?

A – I’m hoping to run three to four Superkart meetings this year, I also intend to run some hillclimbs along the east coast.

Q – If you could drive any race car, what would it be and why?

A – A winged and slicks formula car. If it once had a passenger seat, was it really intended to be a race car?