Extra Aussies at Rotax Worlds

While the official representation for Australia at the Rotax Grand Finals is made from drivers who have qualified via the Australian Rotax Pro Tour competitor pool (see Monday’s post HERE), there are plenty more Australian passport holders competing in Bahrain, though under the flag of other nations.

Lachlan Robinson and Sean Butcher will both be racing Senior MAX, having qualified through series in Europe. Robinson will represent the United Arab Emirates while Butcher is competing under a British licence.

Further, Kaiden Higgins will race Mini MAX (for UAE), Zak Scoular will be in Juniors (also for UAE) while Luca Houghton will compete in Mini MAX for the host nation, Bahrain.


All up, 376 drivers are entered for the event.

  • Full entry, plus class-by-class listings, are HERE.
Lachlan Robinson is the main driver featured on Rotax’s 2021 event image, from when he raced the #324 machine in Sarno.