Comments on KartSportNews

Did you know you can discuss karting issues directly on a post?

Some time ago our comment system was amended to run under a platform that allows users to post comments simply by using their existing social media accounts, such as Facebook.

We invite you to use this system and make comments directly on the individual posts within KartSportNews – share your opinion, provide additional information, correct us if we’re wrong. Just scroll to the bottom of a post and start the discussion.

You have the ability to up-vote valuable comments and help build a community on the site that is hopefully devoid of problematic non-karters and the toxicity that exists on mainstream social media.

There is a Comment Policy that needs to be adhered to (available HERE), but it’s all the usual stuff: stay on topic, no threats/harassment/name calling etc.


If you don’t use social media, you can sign up with DISQUS, then have your say.

So, give it a crack!

Best of luck at your next race meeting.

Mark Wicks