(Some) Superkarters On Track

Kart tracks around the country are closed, but the Superkarters in South Australia are still able to have an outlet.

“The major motor racing circuits are running track days with a maximum of 10 vehicles allowed to run” Ian Williams advised KartSportNews.

“Only one pit crew per kart and no spectators keeps the numbers down, and everyone gets an entire garage to themselves, so as much social distancing as possible happens. “

Last Saturday (April 18), Superkarts got a turn at The Bend Motorsport Park. “We took up four Rotax Max non-gearbox karts and six of the Open 125 gearbox karts” Williams said.

Pic: Antoni Ormsby with Tony Lappas’ NGB Scorpion kart at The Bend.

KA TaG Restricted Light driver Antoni Ormsby took his first laps on a long circuit, borrowing veteran Superkarter Tony Lappas’ NGB Scorpion kart.


Ormsby enjoyed it so much that by the end of the day he had done a deal to race Tony’s kart for whatever events come up in the last half of 2020.

Williams added that he’s had his IWT shop open and that many KA and Superkart drivers are getting engine maintenance and rebuilds done in the current down time.

“I have actually been quite busy” he said. “Without the pressure of weekly events, I have been able to perform a huge number of chassis, brake and rolling kart repairs in addition to the engine work.”