Karts to Return To Ipswich!

The Ipswich Kart Club has devised a system to get karts back on track at the Willowbank venue, starting this Monday, April 27.

IKC President Scott Howard has informed club members they can book one-on-one sessions with a list of approved kart shop/service providers.

“We have very, very strict guidelines and policies to follow and all of these must be adhered to, which you will be told by your local Karting business” Howard said in the statement.

“IKC has been working very hard behind the scenes over this past five weeks to try and help our struggling karting businesses survive the Covid 19 pandemic. It is essential to keep these businesses afloat so they are all open when we go back racing.”

The club published a list of the ten karting businesses that it will open the track for. Karters interested in getting on-track are to contact these businesses, not the IKC Committee, about gaining access to the venue.


“This is baby steps to getting the track open to the general public” Howard continued.

“It will also come at a cost with the 10 businesses listed below able to let you know what these cost are.

“Please remember this is all about looking after them at this point of time, so hopefully they can get some cash flow to stay afloat to service all your needs when racing resumes.”

IKC will soon issue to its members an outline of the steps it has planned and the possible avenues and stages of how the track will return to normal operation.

Patrizicorse is one of the organisations offering 1-on-1 driver training at Ipswich Kart Club. Available for 4 sessions a week, contact them to secure your spot NOW.

Here’s the club’s list of who to contact about getting into the track:


  • JT Motorsport- Jon-0428 646 655
  • Project X racing– Willy 0459 900 566
  • Kaos Karting– Jenny or Larry- 55004778
  • Patrizicorse– Michael- 55301583
  • DPE– Adam or Tony- 38078110
  • Zedcorse– Kris- 0407 401 621
  • CXR Engines-Craig-0410 682 349
  • Power Rebublic-Dez-0410 205 252
  • Tyler Greenbury racing-Tyler- 0422 021 331
  • Intuner-Chad- 0437527065