Nations Cup Headlines Lonato Autumn Trophy

The first round of the 28th Autumn Trophy has recorded an unprecedented success on September 29-30 at South Garda Karting, as 240 drivers made it onto the track in the national categories KZ2, 60 Mini and Entry Level, for the closing round of the Iame X30 Trophy and in the spectacular round of the historic KFA karts that run the Nations Cup final in the occasion.

Nations Cup KFA class

KZ2 – Category KZ2 (33 drivers) saw three Maranello Kart drivers having the upper hand on their rivals in a hard-fought finale: Massimo Dante (Maranello-TM) clinched the victory from the Austrian Christoph Hold (Maranello-Modena) to Flavio Sani (Maranello-TM). This victory in Lonato placed Dante among the main protagonists of the South Garda Karting rounds and put his name forward as a possible winner of the Autumn Trophy, but he will certainly have to face the challenge of rivals of the likes of Alessandro Buran (VRK-Tm), who missed out on getting the podium in the Final ending fourth. The fifth position went to Andrea Ceresoli, on Maranello-TM, while the sixth to a great Alessio Baldi (CKR-Tm), who had been quite unlucky in qualifying.

KZ2, Dante

60 MINI – In 60 Mini (41 drivers), the duel between the British driver Coskun Irfan (Parolin-TM) and Flavio Olivieri (Energy-TM) has been quite exciting, as the two closed a great finale respectively first and second. The third place went to Francesco Marenghi (Evokart-TM), while Giulio Olivieri (Evokart-TM) was fourth and led Matteo De Palo (KR-Iame).

60 Mini, Irfan

ENTRY LEVEL – In Entry Level (8 drivers), the victory went to Filippo Sala (Parolin-Lke) at the end of a good race, while Lorenzo Lanzara (Tony Kart-Lke) came second and Brando Badoni (Energy-Lke) completed a great comeback race in third place.

Entry Level, Sala

X30 MINI – The races of Iame X30 have been very interesting and quite hard-fought, as the series run its closing act of the national season with 120 drivers on track. The fight for the victory in X30 Mini saw Team Driver’s Giovanni Trentin and Sebastiano Pavan, both on Parolin, fighting an in-house battle, as Trentin eventually pipped Pavan after countless position switches. The third place went to Valerio Rinicella, also on Parolin, who started the race from the pole position. The Iame X30 Mini classification saw Valerio Rinicella on top.

X30 Mini, Trentin and Pavan

X30 JUNIOR – Edoardo Ludovico Villa (TB Kart) dominated X30 Junior winning the Final leading Team Driver’s color bearers Alessandro Balzarotti and Mattia Ingolfo, both on KR. Leonardo Fornaroli (KR) has also been among the front runners but in the closing stages he had to concede the second place and cross the finish line in fourth. The first position of the Iame X30 Junior Trophy went to Mattia Ingolfo.


X30 Junior, Villa

X30 SENIOR – X30 Senior has also been quite spectacular and a red-hot finale saw Marco Moretti (GP Racing) taking the win from Luca Bosco (Tony Kart) to Leonardo Caglioni (KR). Cristian Comanducci (Tony Kart) was also among the quickest and closed his effort in P4, while Danny Carenini (CRG) had to retire in the closing laps. Andrea Bristot, who came ninth in Lonato’s Final, won the Iame X30 Senior Trophy.

X30 Senior, Moretti

X30 MASTER – The final win of X30 Master went to Valentino Fornaroli (KR), who led Andrea Monaci (Tony Kart) and Gianni Zani (BirelArt), but Tino Donadei (Evokart) has also been among the quickest winning the Prefinal and leading the initial part of the Final, when a technical problem forced him to an early stop. The first position of the Iame X30 Master Trophy went to Alessandro Pandolfi.

X30 Master, Formaroli

NATIONS CUP 2018 – The closing round of the Nations Cup 2018 for KFA historic karts has been a great success with 38 drivers on track. The presence of several foreign drivers also confirmed the quality of the event promoted by Luca Corberi, which is in one of the most interesting events for historic karts. Luca Corberi eventually clinched the victory on Tony Kart-Vortex and led Augusto D’Antinone (CRG-Parilla) and Sandro Marra (Rakama-Iame). Alessio Piccini (Tony Kart-Rotax) could not shine as happened in the past due to some technical issues and had to settle for P9, as happened to his father, the multiple-times World and European Champion Alessandro Piccini, who ended 11th after recovering 11 places. Davide Cattelani (Tony Kart-Iame) has also been among the quickest and closed his effort in P6 after recovering a stunning 23 places, while the Czech Jan Midrla (Birel-Vortex) ended his 18-place recovery in P13.

KFA, Corberi

After the first three rounds of the season held in Lonato, Jesolo and Castelletto, the Pre2000 classification of KFA 2018 saw Corberi, McKernan and Cattelani completing the top3, while Ravaglia led Barclay and Teggi in Pre2000 Plus, and Testa had the upper hand on Spina and Simonsen in the order in Pre95.

The next appointment with the closing round of the 28th Autumn Trophy is for October 6-7 in an event that will see Rok Cup on track alongside national categories. Further forthcoming appointments in Lonato are: Rok Cup International Final on October 11-13, WSK Final Cup round 1 on October 19-21, 47th Trofeo delle Industrie on October 27-28.