Results: Option Tyre Poll

At the start of the month we asked for your opinion on Karting Australia’s impending investigation as to whether a “club level only” tyre should be introduced (see the original post HERE).

Over 620 readers cast a vote to the question “Should Karting Australia introduce a longer-wearing club-level specific option tyre?”.

The result:

  • Yes – bring in a club-day specific tyre:  11%
  • No – a new longer wearing tyre should be used for ALL events, not just club level:  72%
  • No – keep the tyre regulations exactly how they are:  13%
  • Other4%

Some of the “Other” responses included;

  • Low grip, highly durable tyre any day of the year for all race meetings
  • Keep current tyres but just reduce their cost
  • Keep the soft tyres for state and national events. Club & regional use hard tyres
  • Current tyres are ok. People need to lean how to set up a go kart
  • MG Red
  • Same tyre but no AKA taking a cut
  • Vega
  • KA4 and Cadets should be lower grip
  • Prime tyre should be nationals only
  • Considering most karters are amateurs trying to have fun, existing tyres r too difficult
  • Let the Club decide on which tyre for club days
  • Need longer lasting tyre and remove tyre royalties
  • Get rid of the sticky high performance Bridgestone
  • Allow club day tires for all Cadet & Junior classes
  • Longer wearing tyre for club days and Zonal series
  • Tyres are not the issue; it’s too many classes being offered
  • Get rid of the prime tyre altogether, or resurface half the tracks to stop tyre wear
  • A different tyre other than a DFM would be better. Setup is temperamental
  • Bridgestone classes need to be on a much harder compound. The other classes are fine
  • Longer wearing tyre for MG Yellow and Bridgestone classes

(the above are reader responses and may not reflect the opinions of the publisher, but we publish them anyway.)


It will be interesting to see what sort of result Karting Australia gets from its membership when the governing body conducts its own research.

As a point of interest, we ran a poll regarding tyres back in 2015 asking “Should ‘budget classes’ transition to a rock-hard, long-life tyre that easily lasts, say, 20+ meetings without significant lap-time time drop off?” 36% said Yes, 55% said No and 8% were Undecided.

Granted, it’s not the same question, but it would appear opinions have swung heavily over the past three years…

Read about the older poll HERE and the results HERE.