Poll Results

by Mark Wicks 25 August 2015

The first four "Answer The Question!" polls have now closed and the results are below.

Each poll received somewhere between 400 to 600 responses, indicating around half of the people who visited each poll actually participated - so thanks to all those who clicked or tapped an answer!

There are plenty more polls to come on a wide range of karting topics. Each poll will only be open for a few days, so don't miss a chance to have your vote count!

To access the polls that are still open, go back to the Home page and scroll down the News list.

If you’ve got a question you’d like put to the karting public, email it through (info@kartsportnews.com) and it will be considered.

poll results
Above: Poll #1 result. The majority believe only selected classes should be able to contest a National Championship, which is exactly how it is right now. It would be interesting to see what classes people would actually choose if given the choice...

poll results
Above: Poll #2 result. A clear winner here, though not by a huge margin. Prior to opening this poll, I anticipated there would be strong support for a hard tyre simply for cost-reduction reasons. Seems I was wrong (or maybe the question was poorly worded - as one reader said, what's a budget class?)

poll results
Above: Poll #3 result. Most people seem pretty happy with the safety at tracks, so hats off to those responsible for the systems in place. What does concern me is that there were 30-odd people who refuse to race on a track because it is too dangerous. I invite those people to submit their concerns so they can be (anonymously) passed on to the relevant circuit/club and be addressed.

poll results
Above: Poll #4 result. Very close. No matter what happens with these classes in the future, a lot of people are not going to agree!




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