Ipswich Grade Development Class Drivers

In an effort to re-build competitor numbers, the Ipswich Kart Club has decided to grade drivers in the ‘development’ classes.

Drivers in these classes (not KA3, TaG Open, Jnr MAX etc) will be assigned Grade 1, 2 or 3 and will more-or-less be a race within a race. The idea is that those who are less competitive (eg, beginners or those who do not fit new tyres) will be able to enjoy racing against others of similar pace, regardless of what the faster group 1 drivers might be doing.

The club has formed a Driver Review Panel to asses driver rankings and group allocations.


Watch the video for full explanation.

Above: The club’s Chris Peacock explains the new initiative at drivers briefing (video by ‘The Noise’, Kev Davies)