Upgraded Vortex Engine Package for KA1 Class

Free Upgrades for current KA1 engine owners; reduced Price Upgrade for Junior graduates

Paul Feeney Group (PFG) and Vortex Engines have announced a performance upgrade for the Vortex DVS engine used in the KA1 class for the 2018 Australian Kart Championship.

The upgraded Vortex DVS SV engine package will deliver greater ease of use, simpler tuning, more reliability and speed.

Vortex have developed the DVS SV engine specifically to provide simplicity and improvement in overall performance giving it the benefit of stronger bottom end power, while not affecting top end speed.

The Vortex DVS SV Engine

The removal of the power valve and the addition of a new cylinder and cylinder head means that Australian karters will be the first in the world in 2018 to experience the exhilaration of racing the new DVS SV engine. The changes simplifies the tuning of the engine.

Vortex and Australian importer of Vortex Engines PFG – will provide a Vortex DVS SV upgrade kit free of charge to current KA1 engine owners. The package includes:

  • New Cylinder
  • New Cylinder Head
  • Complete Piston and Ring
  • Spacer exhaust manifold (20mm)

The components will be replaced free of charge upon return of the old parts. There’s no change to any other part of the engine or exhaust package.

Paul Feeney, Managing Director of PFG is excited by the introduction of the upgraded engine package for the KA1 class.

“We’ve worked closely with Vortex to ensure that we can provide the best possible package for the karter,” he explained.

“We wanted to make sure it was simple, reliable and caused no unnecessary financial strain on existing engine owners.


“Vortex took on board the comments of competitors – not just in Australia but in Europe as well – and have developed the DVS SV engine to meet our racing needs. Vortex has worked hard, along with their test driver, Mitch Vigano to develop a package that is reliable, stronger, faster, more fun to drive.

“Vortex have offered to provide the changeover parts free of charge for existing KA1 competitors to further build upon the success of the brand in Australian karting since its introduction in 2015.

“We are also excited about the number of KA2 drivers moving up to Senior competition next year and the positive impact that will have on KA1 in 2018,” he said.

Reigning Australian KA1 Champion, Scott Sorensen using the Vortex engine (pic – Cooper’s Photography)

“The current KA2 engine – the DVS Junior is fully upgradable to DVS SV specification.”

As an added incentive to KA2 competitors moving up to senior ranks, the first 10 competitors from the 2017 KA2 Junior Class who confirm they will be competing in the Senior KA1 Class for 2018 will have their engine upgraded from DVS Junior to the DVS SV for the heavily discounted cost of $1290, which is nearly half retail price.

The Junior upgrade kit includes:

  • New Cylinder
  • New Cylinder Head
  • Complete Piston and Ring
  • Spacer exhaust manifold (20mm)
  • Ignition coil (16,000 RPM)
  • DVS Senior Exhaust

The new Vortex DVS SV engine will be available for testing by potential competitors – with PFG expecting to take delivery of the first engines and kits this week.

Test bookings will be essential.

“We also see the new ‘out of the box’ engines going a long way toward generating new competitors that may have been looking at other options.”

The changes will be effective from round one of the Australian Kart Championship, due to be conducted on the weekend of February 23-25 at the Monarto Karting Complex in South Australia.

Any enquiries relating to the new engine package and upgrades should be directed to Paul Feeney directly on 0418 764 994 or emailing pfeeney@pfginfo.com.au.