IKD Statement: The New Senior MAX & DD2 Cylinders


IKD is expecting to start supplying the new Cylinders in just a few days.

The new cylinders are going to have the Formula Rotax stamp on them PLUS a new unique 8 digit/letter code. This code will be kept on a database at IKD where it will be also referenced against the BRP Rotax data code and letters that are on that cylinder from the factory.

Only Cylinders and Engines that are imported and distributed by IKD are legal to be used in competition here in Australia.

Therefore as a result of this new marking procedure, IKD will not stamp engines or cylinders that have not been imported by IKD under any circumstances.

The parity of the Junior Cylinder is unquestionable and with this technology now applied to the Senior and DD2 Cylinder it has never been easier to be competitive in Rotax and there is no longer any logic to chase that elusive cylinder overseas or anywhere for that matter


At this moment, BRP Rotax have not supplied Cylinders to dealers around the World, Australia is at the top of the list because our series starts in January, so there is no excuses….the message is simple, DO NOT BUY ENGINES OR CYLINDERS FROM OVERSEAS BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE LEGAL

This applies to the new Senior and DD2 cylinders:

  • SENIOR CYLINDER 223993 with “V” stamped in the inlet
  • DD2 CYLINDER 613933 with “X” stamped in the inlet