We’ve Had A Tune-Up!

It’s taken some heavy modification, changes to the set-up and then some fine tuning, but finally, a more competitive version of KartSportNews has hit the track!

There are still a few areas that need tweaking, but I thought it better to get this new version up and running ASAP.

One of the main new features is the site is now mobile-friendly, delivering a customised layout dependent on the size of the device you are using.

From a site management and editorial perspective, things should (in theory) be more efficient. That means there should be more time to generate content for you to read and share.

Unlike previous versions, readers can now comment on posts from right within the site. This is a bit of an experiment, and your very first comment will need approval, but after that you’ll be free to add to the discussion whenever you choose.


The feature is easily disabled should it cause me grief…

Despite my distaste for Facebook, I have to allow KartSportNews to move with the times. Therefore, the site now has much better integration with social media.

Additionally, the site can better cater for advertisers and there are some extra features planned in that regard.

For the moment, only news from the previous seven days is accessible in this new format. The full news archive from the ‘old’ version should be available again in the coming week.

So, as I said when I started the site (which was way back in 2004!) – if you like what you see, tell your friends. If you don’t like what you see, tell me.

Mark Wicks


5 thoughts on “We’ve Had A Tune-Up!”

  1. Looks like a good upgrade. Nice work.
    Advertisements don’t seem to be appearing at the moment though.
    On a styling point of view, I’m not a fan the grey fade on the side but that’s just me.

  2. Plenty to look at but somewhere between Ipswich and the new format we seemed to lose some comments and photos from that meeting Like No.17 going over the line with one finger in the air in the junior max pro final.

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