QLD Entries Confirmed

by Russell Innes, IKC

A final total of a massive 388 entries have been received for the 2024 Queensland Kart Championships to be hosted by the Ipswich Kart Club on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June.

KA3 Junior Light leads the way with a huge 60 entries and this class will run the oversubscribed format of ABCD Heats, with only 40 entries making the Final on the Sunday morning.

KA3 Junior Heavy also has big numbers with 36, whilst KA2 Junior has ended up with 21 entries.

In the Cadet classes, Cadet 12 has 55 entries and will also run the oversubscribed format of ABCD Heats. In Cadet 9, a total of 20 entries have been received.

TAG Restricted Masters has ended up with an impressive 33 entries, whilst TAG Restricted Light and TAG Restricted Medium both have 24 entries.


KA3 Senior is shaping up to be a very hotly contested class with a total of 33 entries. DD2 has 13 entries, whilst TAG Heavy has a solid 24 entries and TAG Light has a total of 45 entries and will be the 3rd class to run the oversubscribed format of ABCD Heats.

Ipswich Kart Club has received many Pit Allocation Requests and this will assist the club in allocating pit space to all entrants and ensuring an orderly and effective bump in.

Every entrant is reminded though that they do need to submit a Pit Allocation Request (via https://kartingaustralia.wufoo.com/forms/2024-queensland-kart-championship-pit-request) to ensure that pit allocation is reserved. This includes all IKC members who may have a club round reserved pit bay, as these bays will only be allocated to members who submit a pit allocation request.

Further information, including the timetable, will be announced next week.