View Entries!

Karting Australia’s KOMP system has been tweaked with race entries now able to be viewed by KA licence holders.

This means karters can see who’s already entered and potentially what classes may or may not be running at a race meeting, before they decide to enter or not.

The View Entrants link can be found by clicking the Details button on an event in the Calendar. Currently, drivers can only see listings for classes they are eligible for.

Karters have been quite vocal about not being able to see entries for race meetings. This link in KA’s Karting Operations Management Portal should make them happy.

It will be interesting to see if this has an effect on entry numbers, and whether entries flow in earlier or later than in the past.


It will also eliminate the laborious job some clubs went through posting entry update lists for members to view.

Within KOMP, it’s also now possible to remove old karts and engines from the system.