Seat Allocations For OK-N World Cup

The CIK-FIA has released the seat allocations for each country that can send drivers to the first ever OK-N World Cup in the UK later this year.

The organisation is reserving 31 of the 36 places on the grid for ASNs that have supported the development of OK-N through competitions launched either in 2023 or 2024.

All ASNs that hosted a 2024 national title on OK-N equipment receive two places for their top two drivers. Additionally, France, has received three places (due to running OK-N in 2023) as does South Africa (which brings together several countries).

As it has not run competition for OK-N, Australia is not eligible to send drivers.


Intended for national-level championships, OK-N uses OK-derived engines, and competitors can only use one chassis and 6 tyres per event.

The first OK-N FIA Karting World Cup will take place at PF International in the United Kingdom on September 12-15 as part of the OK and OK-Junior World Championships (which will have Australians competing).