Re-Start Throttle for Juniors

A compulsory hand-operated throttle to assist juniors to re-start themselves after an incident is one of a number of international karting rule changes confirmed by the FIA World Motor Sport Council on Wednesday.

So far there is no indication whether this will be an approved/homologated device, or left to the teams to engineer their own versions.

The “Easy Start” hand throttle sold via the ZipNorth website in the UK. Cost is about $55AUD.

The following decisions were all made based on proposals from the International Karting Commission:

Modification to Article 8.2 and 9.2 of CIK-FIA Technical Regulations – Rear axle

The material specifications have been removed from the paragraph concerning the tube inserts authorised as reinforcement in the rear axle.

Modification to Article 9.12.2 and of CIK-FIA Technical Regulations – Butterfly carburettor

From 01/09/2024, in order to make it easier to restart the kart on the track after an incident, a mechanical throttle activation device mounted on the back of the seat will be compulsory in the OK, OK-Junior and OK-N categories.


Modification to Article 21of the FIA Karting Specific Prescriptions – Team Championship Titles

The KZ2 Masters category has been added to the list of FIA Karting titles awarded to teams.

Modification to Article 18 B of the FIA Karting Specific Prescriptions – Qualifying

For FIA Karting Championships comprising several Competitions, the composition of the qualifying heats will no longer be drawn by lot from the 2nd Competition onwards, but will be based on the provisional classification of the Championship concerned. For FIA Karting World Championship, World Cup and International Super Cup consisting of a single Competition, the classification of the most recent FIA Continental Karting Championship will be used as the reference. In all cases, unclassified drivers will be allocated by drawing lots.

Modification of Article  4 of the Sporting Regulation of the FIA Karting OK and Junior World Championship and OK-N World Cup- Restriction of track activity

In order to remedy the situation created by the recent modification of the 2024 FIA Karting calendar, the closure of the PF International circuit prior to the FIA Karting OK and Junior World Championship as well as FIA Karting OK-N World Cup, will exceptionally only concern the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday preceding the Competition.