CRG Pushes Kali Brand

CRG is lifting the presence of the Kali Kart brand, a new website and social media channels supporting an official Kali Kart racing team for 2024.

A collaboration with Jorge Pescador running Kali Karts for the past two years in Spain and international X30 races, plus commercial and sporting activities in other European and Asian countries for Kali Kart, has seen interest in the brand grow.

“In the wake of this constant growth in terms of market, CRG management has decided to further support Kalì Kart activities” a press release confirmed.

A dedicated KaliKart website will go online in January along with two dedicated social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).


An official Kalì Kart racing team will field drivers in the main international categories, from MINI to KZ.

It is worth noting that Kalì Kart is the brand from which CRG itself was born in the mid-80s and boasts a list of 10 world and 12 European titles, as well as having had drivers of the calibre of Michael Schumacher, Alex Zanardi and Mike Wilson among its ranks.

“The range of Kalì Kart chassis has contributed to writing the history of karting and best interprets our winning tradition in this sport, as well as our vision of the future” said CRG’s Giancarlo Tanini.

“We have instructed our marketing team to enhance the communication related to this brand to give it its own identity, compared to the CRG range, with the aim of providing our resellers and external teams with more personalized support, but also to revive a part of our history and tell it to the new generations with a modern and direct language.”