KNSW State Championship

Combined Districts Kart Club hosted the 2023 NSW State Sprint Titles at Lithgow on the weekend, over 220 entries competing for blue plates.

Jackson Souslin-Harlow and Joshua Hunter both successfully defended their 2022 titles in TaG Light and Junior Heavy respectively.

TaG Heavy form up, Zac Raddatz (#10, who would take the title) and Jack Black (#41) (pic – ZP Images)
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The meeting saw a special award presented to Jude Preen – the inaugural “Max Laybutt Official’s Spirit Award”. Jude has been an official for over 25 years and is a Karting NSW Life Member. She also worked with Max at events for many of those 25 years. The award is voted on by the officials so it’s truly an honour to be recognised by peers.

Jude Preen with Max’s most loved vintage kart. “Max’s spirit was everywhere at the track he loved so much all weekend” Karting NSW posted. “He was missed by all and it was very special to present this trophy in his spirit!”

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Victoria Lopes, Senior Light (pic – ZP Images)

TAG Heavy (28 entries)
1 Zac Raddatz
2 Chris Bregonge
3 Jack Black

TaG Heavy (pic – KNSW/FB)

TAG Light (49 entries)
1 Jackson Souslin-Harlow
2 Timothy Colombrita
3 Benito Montalbano

TaG Light (pic – KNSW/FB)

Senior Performance Heavy (14 entries)
1 Brett Robinson
2 Matthew Waters
3 Stephen Roffe


Senior Performance Heavy (pic – KNSW/FB)

Senior Performance Light (23 entries)
1 Bradley Cady
2 Tayla Harnas
3 Nicholas Follows

Senior Performance Light (pic – KNSW/FB)

Junior Heavy (30 entries)
1 Joshua Hunter
2 Aidan Williams
3 Joshua Benaud

Junior Heavy (pic – KNSW/FB)

Junior Light (32 entries)
1 Luke Powell
2 Askr Sendall
3 Andrew Fitzpatrick

Junior Light (pic – KNSW/FB)

Rookies (32 entries)
1 Cooper Clavell
2 Chase Milton
3 Zac Brown

Rookies (pic – KNSW/FB)



pics – ZP Images