Dirt Kart Doco Planned

An Australian-made documentary about dirt karting is planned for production later this year.

Wade Aunger, a well known media man in the speedway and drag racing worlds, will present and narrate “Dirt Kart Life”.

This will be a special one-off social media TV program that will be shared across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and (he hopes!) “a pay-per-view channel on Fox if we can secure that”.

Dirt Kart Life is set to capture the atmosphere and action of dirt karting (pic – Aunger/FB)

The idea came after witnessing dirt kart racing in Adelaide many years ago, an experience that made him a huge fan of the sport.

“I immediately loved the family aspect of it” Aunger said via social media.

“The super talented junior racer community and the unique fact that boys and girls and men and women compete on an even footing – with many times the girls getting the chequered flags!

“It has been my dream to create a TV show that sums up the essence of the sport for many years.”

(pic – Aunger/FB)

Aunger has assembled a group of talented people for FPV drone, cinematography and film work, editing and production.

“This is the ‘A Team for sure” he said.


“My plan is to showcase Dirt Karting in a slick, professional and high end manner. We will be shooting lifestyle and action content at the first two days of the 2023 Australian title at Tatiara – that way we get the best broad cross section of the industry and show the sheer size of events like this in terms of participant numbers and family support.

“I want this show to be the best possible example of what our sport is.

(pic – Aunger/FB)

“It’s a branding exercise for the industry. To attract new drivers, new families, new sponsors, new club members, new funding, new interest.

“It’s designed for clubs to play to your local Government councils to show the economic impact of the sport, the appeal of the sport as a family interest and the marketability of it to media and sponsors.

“It’s designed for drivers and teams to present to future sponsors and media.”

Aunger is seeking the financial support of clubs, sponsors and participants to help fund the project.

“I hope we can gain the support we need, supporting the concept and helping us elevate the profile and the professionalism of AIDKA Dirt Kart racing.”

(pic – Aunger/FB)

Production Team

Cameras and drone: Richard Rowley
Cameras: Shane Pike
FPV Drone: Mitchell Blunt, Arbee Aerials
Presenter and Narrator: Wade Aunger
Producers: Wade Aunger, Shane Pike, Richard Rowley