New General Manager for KNSW

Kart and car racer Drew Russell has been appointed the new General Manager of Karting NSW. Drew will be taking on the role of overseeing the operational management of the organisation and will be responsible for various tasks and goals.

These include:

  • Day-to-Day Operational Oversight: Drew will be responsible for supervising and managing the daily operations and activities of the Karting NSW office.
  • Strategic Goal Implementation: Drew will play a key role in translating the strategic goals established by the Board into actionable plans and initiatives.
  • Promotion of Karting in NSW: Drew will actively work to enhance the growth and popularity of karting within New South Wales. This will involve strategies to increase both income generation and participation numbers within the sport.
  • Decision-Making and Financial Delegations: Drew will have the authority to make decisions and manage financial matters within the parameters set by the Board.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Drew will communicate and consult with both internal and external stakeholders. This includes interacting with individuals and organisations within Karting NSW as well as those outside the organisation who have an interest in the sport.

“The announcement expresses the organisation’s anticipation of Drew’s impactful contribution to the sport of karting in his new role” Karting NSW posted.


“His experience and skills are believed to be valuable assets that will drive the growth and success of Karting NSW moving forward.”