Entry Point to International Racing

RGMMC is now taking entries for the first event in its new global concept, ‘Champions Of The Future’.

This is an arrive-and-drive championship where all karts and engines are the same in each category – Kart Republic/IAME for the Senior and Junior OK-N classes and Parolin/TM for Mini.

The first event takes place in Abu Dhabi across three weekdays, from Monday November 20 to Wednesday the 22nd. There is a seven round series proposed for 2024.

The price to enter Abu Dhabi includes the use of all equipment and materials (ie, complete kart & engine, space in an awning, trolley, work bench, tyres, fuel), but each entrant will need to arrange their own mechanic and tools, plus pay for any damage.

Pricing is €4700 (approx $7,800 AUD) for OK-N Senior & Junior and €3700 (approx $6,200 AUD) for Mini.

The RGMMC press release is below, including link to Championship website.

RGMMC Karting Revolution; Introducing an easy entry point formula to expanding markets, introduce CIK-FIA homologated equipment and unearth talent.

RGMMC launch a new global concept for drivers to showcase their talent across the globe. The opening event will take place at the racetrack of Al Forsan in Abu Dhabi the 20-22 of November this year. The opening event will host 3 categories, Mini 60 (chassis – Parolin powered by TM) and OK-N Junior and OK-N Senior (chassis – Kart Republic powered by IAME). 

2024 will mark the launch of the international series spanning across 7 weekends. An Introduction weekend for the drivers to get aquatinted with the material and officials and 6 double header race weekends. Four of which being in Europe and two outside of the European Union. The aim of the Academy program is to increase the inclusion into professional kart racing through the arrive and drive concept. Promoted and hosted by RGMMC the events will take place on high level circuits all around the world.

In the ever-evolving world of motorsport, the pursuit of more diverse racing opportunities and the discovery of promising talent are vital for the sport’s growth and sustainability. Recognizing this need, RGMMC has taken a bold step by creating an academy program. This innovation not only opens doors for aspiring drivers but also expands karting to new markets, making the sport more accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.


The Academy Program

RGMMC’s vision to introduce a high-end, cost-effective karting formula using CIK-FIA homologated equipment stemmed from their commitment to making motorsport more inclusive. Traditional karting can be extremely demanding, potentially excluding talented individuals without significant backing. 

Talent identification has always been an integral part of the motorsport ecosystem. RGMMC’s Academy formula is set to change the paradigm, allowing talented drivers from all backgrounds to participate and compete on equal footing.

Expanding into New Markets 

One of the key advantages of RGMMC’s new karting formula is its potential to expand into new markets. Traditional karting has seen significant growth in established racing regions but has limits to reach emerging markets. With the logistical factors addressed, RGMMC is now poised to make a significant impact in previously untapped territories.

Sustainable GHG Racing

In addition, RGMMC is committed to reducing the climate impact of its events. To this end, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will be avoided and reduced with any unabatable emissions to be offset through the purchase of verified carbon credits.

Global Audience 

The Champions of the Future Academy Program has partnered up with multiple OTT broadcast collaborators such as Motorsport TV and will create vast amount of content and TV highlight packages to distribute, to best promote the drivers in the paddock. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!