KNSW Tyre Contracts Extended

Karting NSW has confirmed it has extended its agreements with Dunlop Kartsport and Maxxis Kart Tyres Australia, the new contract kicking in on July 1st.

KNSW posted the following today.

Karting NSW is pleased to announce that we have recently extended and expanded our tyre contracts with Dunlop and Maxxis. Tyres are a vital part of the sport and both Dunlop Kartsport and Maxxis Kart Tyres AUS have been valued partners of Karting NSW for many years and it is great that this relationship is set to continue even further.

The expanded Dunlop contract secures supply and pricing of the SL1 and KE1 tyres. The SL1 tyre in particular is widely used as an Endurance tyre and has served that sector of the sport very well over the years. The KE1 is a new, slightly cheaper alternative to the SL1 and it gives clubs and race organisers an alternative option if they need it.

In terms of Maxxis, the contract for the supply of the SPORT tyre has been extended. This extension secures the supply of tyres and ensures that pricing remains at a very competitive level.


These new contracts come into effect on the 1st of July, 2023. Whilst there will be very modest price increases, Karting NSW acknowledges the fact that both Dunlop and Maxxis have been very fair to the Karters of NSW over recent years in terms of pricing. Freight costs and inflation have been rampant and both tyre suppliers have absorbed it all.

The new contracts also bring all tyres used in general Karting NSW competition onto a level playing field in terms of royalties. Royalties are one of the main sources of income for Karting NSW and play a vital role in ensuring the sport is able to function with stability and certainty.

Karting NSW together with our contracted tyre partners are very proud that collectively we are providing the Karters of NSW with quality tyres at very reasonable prices when compared to other markets.