Fast Track Ticket for Junior Development

Fast Track Ticket is the latest addition to the esteemed line-up of junior development programs offered by Jess Golding Motorsport. It is designed to help bridge the gap for cadets, juniors and their mechanics who are looking to take the next step in their racing career.

It is important to acknowledge (and easy to forget) that transitioning from casual weekend laps to your first official race weekend is a significant leap, not just for the driver but also for their parents. Recognizing this challenge, the Fast Track Ticket program serves as a vital bridge, providing drivers and mechanics with the necessary tools, support, and program to successfully navigate this leap forward.

This partnership between Repco Supercars Championship and Fast Track Ticket signifies a shared commitment to the next generation of racing superstars and symbolizes a united effort to nurture emerging talent and provide a platform for young drivers to thrive in a supportive environment.

“At Jess Golding Motorsport, our passion lies in junior development. We have a proven track record of nurturing and developing new drivers, equipping them with the tools to unleash their full potential,” said Jess.


“Building upon the success of our popular junior school holiday program, we have created the Fast Track Ticket as a natural progression for drivers seeking ongoing support and guidance on their racing journey.”

With only 20 packages available, the Fast Track Ticket will go on sale Monday 19 June to the public with a pre-sale launching Friday 16 June.

Pre-Sale Registration HERE:

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