Moonshiners Run Gladstone

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

What an absolute cracker of a club round at Gladstone kart club on Saturday, with 33 entries across five combined track groups. The Moonshiners Run meeting included local drivers and drivers who had travelled from Bundaberg & Cooloola Coast Kart Clubs.

Whilst the TaG classes were exciting to watch with the sheer speed of the karts around this undulating circuit, and Cadets showing great skills and speed, the most excitement came from the other three classes.

Andrew Wagner (complete with helmet mohawk!) ahead of Nathan Svensson (7) and Scott Svensson (73)

KA3 Juniors Light and Heavy giving us very competitive heat races, eventually ending up with Charlie Cronin taking the chocolates and local driver Zac “attack” Buttler having to settle for second just beating Seth Cotter who took the 3rd step of the podium.

Junior Light winner Charlie Cronin

4SS Seniors Heavy & Medium was the biggest class on track and in the Mediums no one could stay with the pace of Brendan Emzin. Benny “the bullet” Benedetto grabbed second ahead of Shaun Mann. The Heavies were dominated by Ashley Carriage, pipping Michael Bradley & Mark Rollinson to 2nd & 3rd respectively.

In the Supermaxx Mediums, Scott Svensson was too strong for Kelly-Marie & Nathan Svensson.

Ashley Carriage, 1st in 4SS Heavy

As usual, the best story is saved for last! We named him Super MARIO all day, but the one and only Shaune English got his first win against opposition drivers given that heat Andrew Wagner DNF in heat 1 – spoiler alert Wag’s kart did in fact let him down! But do you tell anyone that, ever?! A WIN IS A WIN IS A WIN!! Such a fun class on the weekend, the Supermax had a lot of fun with Wags eventually winning the day.

Tom Dare, fastest in TaG

And I couldn’t leave the story without a mention for club President Alexander O’Reilly taking the win in TaG Restricted Medium!

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Cadet 12 winner Harper May

Results & Videos (of the Finals)

4SS Supermaxx Medium
1 Scott Svensson
2 Kellie-Marie Svensson
3 Nathan Svensson

4SS Supermaxx Heavy
1 Andrew Wagner
2 Shaune English


Cadet 12
1 Harper May
2 Cooper Rowbotham

Cadet 9
1 Carter Grother
2 Thomas Carriage

Junior Light
1 Charlie Cronin
2 Zac Butler
3 Seth Cotter

Junior Heavy
1 Memphis O’Riley

4SS Senior Medium
1 Brendan Emzin
2 Benny Benedetto
3 Shaun Mann

4SS Senior Heavy
1 Ashley Carriage
2 Michael Bradley
3 Mark Rollinson

TaG 125 Light
1 Tom Dare
2 Jason Warry

TaG 125 Rest Light
1 Cody Anderson
2 Kellie-Marie Svensson

TaG 125 Rest Medium
1 Michael Butler
2 Alexander O’Riley