KA Issues Rule Updates

The 2023 Karting Australia National Competition Rules have been updated with immediate effect.

Key updates include:

  • The option for the SR2 (24.5mm) Restrictor in conjunction with a minimum weight change for Rotax Senior Max engine and a change of Restrictor for the Vortex Rok GP engine in the TaG 125 restricted Class.
  • With the Vega W2 no longer being stocked in Australia, the 4SS Classes can now utilise the LeCont SV1 wet weather tyre. The Vega W2 still remains available for use even though retail stocks of the W2 tyre are understood too now be exhausted.
  • The inclusion of a maximum kart weight in the KA3 Junior Heavy Class.
  • Clarification of the procedure following the Black and White Chequered flag being displayed.

To view the updated version of the Australian Karting Manual, link: https://www.karting.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/2023-AKA-Manual-v2-22-May.pdf


A summary of the changes are:

Page 21 – 1st Line of Protection – definition
Page 25 – Organising Permit – definition
Page 25 – Parc Fermé requirements – definition
Page 26 – State Calendar – Definition
Page 55 – High Visibility Vest – when it must be worn
Page 65 – 67, 69 – Judge Of Fact – Yellow Flag
Page 84 – Offences – Black and White Chequered Flag – Parc Fermé 
Page 136 – Black and White Chequered Flag
Page 183 – Front Fairing (Nose Cone)
Page 241 – KA3 Junior Heavy Maximum Kart Weight
Page 258 – TaG Restricted – Rotax 125 and Vortex Rok GP Restrictor
Page 260 – TaG Restricted – Rotax 125 Weight & Restrictors
Page 292 – 4SS Wet Tyre
Page 296 – 4SS Super Wet Tyre