Reader Poll: Entry Numbers

Is it in the best interest of karting to hide the progressive entry numbers from competitors when they are entering a race meeting? Or should the numbers be publicly visible?

Karting Australia’s previous CMS displayed the number of entries, and the driver’s names, for each class.

At the time it was introduced, this was a special treat for most karters. Historically, competitors only knew how big their class was (or wasn’t!) after entries closed on race morning.

Having got used to CMS, the move to KA’s new KOMP system has seen entry data disappear from public view.

The rationale (so we hear – there’s been nothing official communicated) is that karters don’t lodge an entry until they know there is a decent field to race against. Of course, if that’s the case and everyone waits around, the event doesn’t get the expected support. For some clubs, it puts the meeting in jeopardy of even running.


The fix (so we hear – again, there’s been nothing official communicated) is to hide the number. If people want to race a meeting, they should just enter. There is no longer a reason to delay.

As a point of interest, Karting NSW has recently tweaked its system to now show how many entries are in a class, though not who those people are.

So, in the best interest of the sport, should the progressive entry tally be hidden or visible to competitors when they enter a race meeting?