Big Opener for Ipswich City Dirt Karters

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

The Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club opened its year of racing with a record for round one, 93 entries across 12 groups of racing to commence the battle for the club’s 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Championships.

The weather was kind, clearing up just in time for the 2 pm start meaning the awesome day/night action was witnessed by lots of spectators.

(pic – Kev Davies)
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Some junior driver interviews:

The next event is a Test-n-Tune on the 18th of February with Round 2 of the Championship on the 4th of March.

(pic – Kev Davies)

Winners by overall points for each group were:

1st Jordan Oschadlin 90 points
2nd Gordon Yarrow 67 points
3rd Brock Jones 66 points

Sub Juniors
1st Drake Hutton 90 points
2nd Monty Wright 63 points
3rd Chloe Harvey 62 points

Junior One
1st Harrison Willis 61 points
2nd Louie Preece 49 points
3rd Leo Jarvis 48 points

Junior Two
1st Levi Schmidt 75 points
2nd Will Bryson 57 points
3rd Joesph Withers 55 points


Junior Three
1st Ryan Pick 75 points
2nd Braxton Doyle 54 points
3rd Cooper Mudge 52 points

Junior 100cc
1st Kallan Manning 82 points
2nd Grace Zarb 69 points
3rd Jai Holz 53 points

Senior Group One
1st Dallas Dack 75 points
2nd Tom Cant 63 points
3rd Ken Coonan 50 points

Senior Group Two
1st Nik Lebar 72 points
2nd Scott Davis 60 points
3rd Breanna Formosa 48 points

Senior Group Three
1st Kellie Mudge 61 points
2nd Daniel Mudge 60 points
3rd Jarred Perry 57 points

Senior Group Five
1st Jason Pryde 87 points
2nd Brett Harris 78 points
3rd Robert Schloss 60 points

Senior 100cc
1st Bryson Kington 87 points
2nd Stuart Rouse 63 points
3rd Larissa Manning 49 points

Senior 125cc
1st Jason Pryde 69 points
2nd Jason Gislingham 66 points
3rd Brad Young 58 points

Modified 4-Stroke
1st Travis Pick 72 points
2nd Ryan Floyd 18 points

Modified 2-Stroke
1st Nic McDowell 87 points
2nd Brad Young 78 points