Engine Warmers

Tyre blankets are not allowed, but several teams were spotted using engine blankets at the WSK Champions Cup event in Italy recently.

Held in frigid winter conditions (there was ice and snow on the circuit in the days prior), it appears tuners were trying to reduce the chill factor on the front of the cylinder via insulated padding.

Photos from the event show blanking on the radiators covering around 90% of the cooling surface.


Fastest qualifier in X30 Senior, Pacome Weisenburger, the insulation wrapped around the front of the cylinder clearly visible (pic – WSK/Sportinphoto)
Forza Racing ran a cover on Lewis Wherrel’s TM engine and won OK-J (pic – WSK/Sportinphoto)
Koski Motorsport won OK with David Walther and a wrapped Vortex engine (pic – WSK/Sportinphoto)