Superkart Title Changes

Australian Superkart Events has changed the name of its 2023 Championship due to a cease and desist issued regarding the series’ title. It will now be known as the Australasian Superkart Championship.

Scott Williams of Australian Superkart Events posted the following:

“Happy New Year and I hope you’re all doing well and getting prepared for another race year!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes with a couple of changes to the 2023 program. We had hoped to make an announcement prior to Christmas of the final schedule, but a phone call on December 22nd with a subsequent meeting this coming Monday Jan 16th may pave the way to a big announcement early next week.

Round 1 as previously confirmed, will kick off at The Bend Motorsport Park March 3-5 for all classes as it did last year.

Round 2 for all Rotax Max Non Gearbox classes will be in conjunction with the Victorian Superkart Clubs ‘National Festival of Superkarts’ on 19-20th August. This will also be a back up date for gearbox classes.

Round 2 for Gearbox classes will be determined as per upcoming meeting on Monday, with two dates/tracks being proposed.

We are sorry for the delay. With the possibility of live streaming and delayed television included in the above package at a National event, we would be doing our sport an injustice not to pursue it!! Plus, it would be our first venture into the Northern states.

Another exciting note to add is the name change to the “Australasian Superkart Championship”.


This has come about due to a ‘Cease and Desist’ letter we were served over our Championship name last year. Obviously we were a little too successful for the other mob!

With our prizes of NZ Rotax Max championship drives next year, we feel it’s a better fit anyway. We would like to acknowledge our friends at NZ Superkart Drivers Club for their partnership in the Trans Tasman Prizes, an exciting development for the Rotax category.

Stay tuned for further announcements, including one which may feature a new ASE sanctioned Championship class for the larger drivers.”

Scott Williams – Australian Superkart Events