Dual Race Directors for 2023 AKC

Championship Regulations are available now with pre-registration open

The 2023 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship will see the Race Director role be shared between Deputy National Officials Co-Ordinator Karen Arnett and fellow long-time Karting Australia Official Robert Motbey. The pair will share duties of Race Director throughout the five-round Championship.

Robert Motbey and Karen Arnett will share duties of Race Director throughout the 2023 Australian Kart Championship. (Pic: Pace Images)

“Both Robert and Karen are extremely experienced Officials in the Karting Australia system, and we look forward to them sharing the role of Race Director for the 2023 Australian Kart Championship,” said Karting Australia Chief Executive Officer Kelvin O’Reilly.

“The pressure of being the Race Director at our National Championship, which is now recognised as one of the world’s best national Karting Championships should not be underestimated.

“AKC events feature more than 88 on-track sessions across a race weekend and with so many races of great intensity throughout every Championship event, it is important that we share the workload of the Race Director role to ensure that the high level of consistency and professionalism remains across the entire Championship.”

With National Officials Co-ordinator Mark Horsley heading up a new Officials Training and Scholarship program at National Events to be launched early in the new year, Annette English will move into the Chief Steward position for 2023.


2023 National Technical Commissioner Shaune English will head up the Technical department throughout the 2023 Championship.

Following the expressions of interested received from Officials all across the country recently, the initial roster of Officials for the events will be finalised in the coming weeks.

The noteworthy updates from the 2022 Championship Regulations or National Competition Rules that relate directly to the Australian Kart Championship include:

  • ALL Rounds count towards a Driver’s Overall Championship tally.
  • To be eligible for an overall Championship position, the Driver must have Competed or Officiated in a minimum of three (3) Club, Zonal or State Series/Trophy level Events sanctioned by KA in their Home State prior to the completion of the Championship.
  • Unless otherwise approved by KA, a Driver may only practice at a Host Circuit, that is affiliated with the same State Association in which their Licence is issued, after it is announced by KA as hosting, or provisionally hosting, a Round.
  • A Driver holding a KA Licence issued by a State Association other that Karting WA is prohibited from competing in an Event at the Wanneroo circuit until after April 20, 2023.
  • The KA3 Junior Class (Championship weight – 137kg) replaces the KA4 Junior Class.
  • From 1 January 2023, Drivers competing in KA2 and KZ2 Classes at National Level Meetings must wear a CIK-FIA homologated driving suit during Competition.

To view the full Championship Regulations please click HERE. To pre-register for the 2023 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship, click HERE.