Dave Hamnett Memorial

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

That’s a wrap! The Noise’s 2022 season has come to a close and went out with a bang at the 2022 ‘Deep Sea Delights’ Dave Hamnett Memorial at Manning Valley Kart Club.

Around 150 had entered in the lead up to the event, so promised to be the best meeting held at the circuit for a long time.

The biggest fields were in the TaG Light & Heavy classes which made for very exciting racing to watch with some of the region’s best drivers on show. The junior classes were also well represented.

Three of the biggest classes (TaG Light, TaG Heavy & Junior Performance) thrilled spectators with a top-6 shoot out. Junior Performance fastest time went to Timothy Reed posting a 34.188, TaG Heavy was Chris Bregonje posting a 33.942 and TaG Light was Todd Stocks with a 33.428.

The heat racing got even more intense but with very few incidents considering the size of the fields.

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Results & Videos of the Finals

4SS Light
1 Andrew Wood
2 Mark Pearce

4SS Heavy
1 Alex Mulholland
2 Blake Haswell
3 Luke Waites

Junior Light
1 Luke Powell
2 Tyler Koenig
3 Brock Coles

Junior Heavy
1 Timothy Reed
2 Lincoln Chesser
3 Charles Phillips


Junior Performance
1 Ruben Dan
2 Joshua Benaud
3 Timothy Reed

1 Luca Wasley
2 Hunter Pearce
3 Amelia Alexander

1 Jude Ammoun
2 James Guest
3 Samuel Grande

Open Performance
1 Zane Morrison
2 Terry Hanly
3 John Algie

Senior Performance Light
1 Bailey Harris
2 Cooper Barnes
3 Lawson Latham

Senior Performance Heavy
1 Liam Jones
2 Michael Pryor
3 Michael Harris

TaG Heavy
1 Chris Bregonje
2 Hudson Heath
3 Drew Russell

TaG Light
1 Todd Stocks
2 Ryan Hughes
3 Tyler Budden

TaG Restricted Heavy
1 Christopher Nobbs
2 Daniel Ferry
3 Darren Funston

TaG Restricted Light
1 Jack Love
2 Chais Tippett
3 Liam Jones