Reader Poll – A Tight Result!

On September 29, Karting Australia announced it had restructured its junior classes that use the IAME KA100 engine for 2023 and beyond (the full statement was posted HERE).

With the effective elimination of one class, we asked readers “Is Karting Australia’s restructuring of the KA100 Junior classes a good move?“.

Just over half of the respondents voted that the move is a positive one – see below:


In addition to “Yes” and “No” answers, the original poll offered an “Other” option for people who thought they had a better alternative to express that idea. There was not much in the way of detailed responses, but we did promise to publish them, so here’s a selection (with KSN comments in brackets):

  • Yes, as long as KA2 is offered at State level including Club Days & ALL Open Events
  • Bring back JICA as the premier junior category. Lots of engines around. (JICA “Junior Intercontinental A” was a popular international junior category in the late 90s-early2000s using 100cc piston port air-cooled engines with clutch but external starter)
  • Would鈥檝e been better to restructure the KA2 class (this reader did not elaborate on what that “restructure” might look like)
  • If they review weights as well (Meaning…? higher? lower?)
  • Time will tell if it creates parity or not
  • If the restrictor was at cost, then Yes (A point worth noting, Karting Australia (not the importer) is changing the class spec via a new restrictor, but requires the participant to foot the bill)
  • Rotax Junior (another reader who did not elaborate what their response actually meant)
  • Yes, as long as there is still a performance class for Juniors (the ‘new look’ KA3 will still have plenty of performance, and there is always KA2)
  • Help sell more KA2 engines (Hmmm, is this the conspiracy theorist? 馃槷 )
  • Yes to different restrictor, No to dropping KA4
  • Still too many classes, remove some more (okay… which ones?)
  • Keep KA4 as entry level class using 22mm restrictor; leave KA3 alone and bring it to AKC.