High Speed Hit for Hugo

Hugo Garraway made the trip from his home club in Mildura down to the Eastern Lions Kart Club over the weekend. Garraway was running in the KA4 Junior heavy class in the 40th running of the Junior Sprint Classic.

Hugo was up against a strong field of 20 drivers and was looking to race up the front and be a shot at a top 5! Garraway showed excellent pace in practice and was looking strong going into Saturday qualifying. The Garraway Group backed entry was straight into the top 10 and was pushing hard on the back of the top 5. Hugo was driving well and showing pace to match that from his earlier sessions. Garraway came to the end of the 6-minute timed session and landed himself in position 6 overall on the outside of the 3rd row.

Hugo was ready to go racing in heat 1 and was aiming to make his way into the top 5 drivers. Garraway made up a spot into position 5 on the opening lap of the race and was quickly into the battle of the top 5 drivers. Hugo was showing excellent pace and was driving well when he was able to make his way up into 4th position on the penultimate lap of the race! Garraway crossed the line in position 4 overall in a great start to his racing weekend!

Garraway was once again out of position 6 for his final heat race on Saturday. The Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares driver settled into position 6 in the opening half of the race, but was pushing hard to once again make his way back into the top 5. Hugo was able to carry out a double overtake move mid race to put himself into 4th position. Garraway crossed the line once again in the top 5 in 4th position!


(pic – Tim Francis)

Hugo had moved himself up to position 4 overall for the 3rd heat and was looking for another strong result. The Garraway Group backed driver settled into the top 5 once again and had strong pace in the early stages. Garraway was battling in the front group and set the fastest lap of the race showing his true speed. Hugo came home in position 4 again but was getting closer and closer to the leaders at the front.

Heat 4 was the final heat and Hugo was once again on the 2nd row of the grid. Garraway dropped to position 5 on the opening lap of the race but quickly went to work, making the move for 4th on lap 3 and the move for 3rd on lap 4. Hugo was again setting excellent pace and was trying his heart out to close in on the race leaders. Garraway crossed the finished line in 3rd position in his best result of the weekend!

The 15-lap championship final came around and Hugo knew he had the pace to challenge for a podium. Garraway dropped down to position 5 off the start but was immediately into an enthralling battle. Hugo made his way as high as 3rd and as low as 6th in a tough battle of racing between the top 5 drivers. Garraway’s weekend ended in tough circumstances being involved in an incident on lap 14 and going into the tyres at high speed! Hugo was quite sore but is recovering from the incident.

Hugo’s father Russell spoke post weekend on his son’s full-on weekend. “We didn’t quite make the gains a few of the front drivers did in qualifying. Hugo chipped away at it all weekend and gave himself a great shot to challenge for victory. The final was a hard race and it wasn’t the way we wanted to end things. The main thing he is okay and we’ll be back at the next one to hopefully challenge again”.